The 3 Greatest Smartphone Gadgets On Kickstarter

AlexandraKickstarter Smartphone Gadgets

Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter provide entrepreneurs and innovators the means to get their projects off the ground. You might have heard of such success stories as the Pebble Smart Watch and the Android game console Ouya that have raised $102,566,845 and $8,569,474 respectively on the platform. Furthermore, Kickstarter offers techies the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and often times receive priority access to the newest products and technologies. Kickstarter is also a mecca for smartphone fans; here are some of hottest smartphone gadgets on Kickstarter right now.

1. WakaWaka: Your Personal Portable Solar Charger

With already 2 successful campaigns, WakaWaka is a true Kickstarter company. Today they are raising money for the WakaWaka Base, an all-in-one compact kit for when the light goes out. Backed by 2,142 people, the WakaWaka Base has already raised $277,989. The kit consists of a solar panel, a battery pack and 2 custom designed LED lights. The Base converts solar energy into battery power that allows you to charge any device connected via USB. The 5.000 or 10.000 mAh battery pack is enough to charge multiple smartphones. Wherever you go, the Base will keep you connected.

2. Talkase: The Must-Have Accessory For A Mobile Lifestyle

Large smartphones, or alphabets, that resemble tablets more then cell phones are not the most user-friendly devices when having to make a phone call. Worried your phone might run out of battery? Talkase offers a great solution. Talkase is a sleek all in one slim mini mobile phone and iPhone case made with portability and flexibility in mind. The Talkase, which can be stored conveniently in your Talkase iPhone case, can be used as a standalone phone or can connect with your current smartphone via Bluetooth. The Talkase is already backed by 2,212 people who have pledged $118,972.

3. Ditto: Don’t Miss Important Calls. Don’t Forget Your Phone

Ditto has already raised $39,313 with only 529 pledgers; a huge accomplishment. Ditto helps you from missing important calls or messages. For example, if you didn’t hear your phone ring or vibrate because it was in your purse or left on mute while being charged, Ditto will alert you instead. It’s a wearable that vibrates when someone is trying to reach you. With the free app, you can create favourites, so only those people you designate will notify you. You can also customize vibrations for certain people. Ditto will also vibrate when if for example you have left your phone at home, in the office, at a caf etc. Another awesome use cases are that it helps you wake up without disturbing your partner, remember your time left on a parking meter or anything else of importance. Unlike other wearables, Ditto is a tiny and elegant device that fits on a bra strap or in the smallest pocket.