5 Tips To Lower Your Phone Bill


Tips to lower your phone bill

With the beginning of a new year, come new resolutions. Now that people are getting more and more connected, one of your new year resolutions might be to simply get a lower phone bill. Check out these tips to keep your phone bill under control.

https://www.lossuperpoderesdelarte.com/rpxxihymx6k/ 1. Match your plan to your usage

https://www.studiodhome.com/zw4el6rwwq2/ The first step in controlling your phone bill is to choose a plan that actually  fits your usage needs. With services like Skype and Facetime, you might not need as many minutes as you used to. When you check your usage statistics on your phone, you might find that you are only using a fraction of the data you are actually paying for. It might be time for you to start thinking about downgrading your phone plan to your actual usage needs. Staying within your limits will save you a ton of money, especially by not  paying for services you don’t use.

link  2. Use free texting and calling apps

Like to spend the whole evening calling your friends and family? Thinking about calling your cousin in France? Eating up your minutes or long distance calls can become very costly, and the same goes for texting. Fortunately, apps like Viber, Skype, Whatsapp or even Facetime allow you to use Wi-Fi to send free texts and make free phone calls. Try to use these services as much as possible in order to reduce your phone bill.

 3. Use Wi-Fi Buy Ambien Uk Online whenever possible

There are certain activities that tend to consume much more data than others. Playing online games, streaming music or videos and downloading large files from the internet can drain your data quickly. In your phone settings, you can quickly find out which activities eat up most of your data. Once you found out which ones have this effect, try to never perform these activities using your data plan, but wait until you have access to wifi. In order to further decrease your data usage, and thus your phone bill, try to use fee public Wi-Fi whenever possible, even if you are just checking your Facebook account or reading up on some news. However, using public Wi-Fi is not without risk and you should never do anything personal like banking or checking your email on an open network.

https://sagishrieber.com/fyghhz5m4r/  4. Control your apps

On most smartphones, you can determine which apps are allowed to use cellular data or not. Switch off a number of apps that use a lot of data, or that you do not use regularly. This will not only save you money, but also the battery life of your phone. You can also save data by turning off the push notifications. Push notifications use data to alert you if something changed or happened. If you really don’t need to be told that your friend has replied to your Facebook post, turn of the Facebook push notifications.

 5. Ask for a better deal

Call your carrier and ask them to lower your bill. Some might think that’s too simple, but you might be surprised how many people would never consider it. If you think you are paying too much, call a customer service rep to see what they can trim or waive, such as applying a new promo code or maybe add more minutes or data to your existing plan. Or, they may suggest a sharing plan is more beneficial for you. Your carrier does not want to lose you to a rival company, so you might be surprised at what they will do to keep your business.