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link The answer is YES. If you’re happy with your current provider we wouldn’t recommend switching you. We would simply extend our preferred rates, features and credits reducing your monthly costs while providing you with features you need based on your usage patterns!

The changes and saving will last for 36 months or the duration of your agreement with your carrier.

Absolutely, the savings and features we are able to procure for you does not have any impact on your hardware upgrade eligibility timing. Of course, however you might want to consider the following:

Would you defend yourself in court without a lawyer? Would you try to fix your leaking faucet without calling a plumber? These things are best left to the experts. The same goes for your telecom services!

Buy Zolpidem Online Overnight Uk When you call your carrier, you’re speaking with Customer Service, or perhaps Customer Retention. These people are limited in their plan knowledge as well as their authority. When we are speaking to your carrier we navigate through different channels. We have a direct line to people several layers above Customer Service, who have awareness and authority to discuss plan features that will work best for you.

Typically, when you negotiate for yourself, Customer Service will give you concessions that are temporary, or that are marginal in their effect. Their goal is to make you happy, but at the same time keep your bills as high as possible. Our objective is to get your bills as low as possible while increasing your features based on your individual usage and keep them there.

In most cases, yes. However, this does not affect your hardware upgrade eligibility. If, for example, you are eligible in 30 days and we were to optimize your account today saving you money, you would still be eligible in 30 days. Also, if you were to upgrade tomorrow, this would renew your contract for 3 years with the carrier. So why not start saving now?

Definitely. While performing our complimentary audit, we review all the activity on your invoices. However, we typically ignore one-offs, such as hardware upgrades and billing anomalies. If we see that roaming is part of your typical activity, we will consider alternative ways of minimizing that cost, just like any other part of your usage. Aside from the travel packs offered by the carrier, we’re also more than happy to provide you alternative roaming solutions, just ask our team of experts!

Most often yes, we can save you more money and provide you with better features. However, we won’t know that for sure until we’ve had the opportunity to audit your invoices and see how well your plan aligns with your usage. If, at that time, we see that your current plan is the best available for you, we will tell you that we can’t save you any more money and you owe us nothing. In most cases, however, we can reduce your bills further, so it’s a good idea to let us have a look.

We don’t work for any cellular carrier; we’re a third party consulting firm working directly for link YOU! Our primary objective is understanding your needs then to save you time and money by utilizing our knowledge, industry relationships and buying power.

Yes and no. Yes, we do take some money out of their pockets but at the same time, in an interesting way, we act as a sort of Customer Retention Department for them. We often prevent a disgruntled customer and help them to stay with their carrier. There’s a senior VP at one of the big 3 carriers who often asks if we’ve put him out of business yet. We answer him Why would we want to do that? You provide a critical service that people need! We just want to be sure they’re not paying more than they should for that service.

Absolutely. All information shared with iQ2Communications is 100% confidential. We are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) should you or your company decide to have one in place.

No, the initial audit is complimentary. There is no cost to you to find out whether or not we can save you money. You have nothing to lose and potential savings to gain.

In order for iQ2Communications to perform our telecom audit, we require 3 detailed months worth of your carrier invoices. This gives our team a more accurate snap-shot and better understanding of your services, plans, features and associated costs. That’s it!

If you decide you would like to engage in our services to reduce your monthly spend and iQ2 Communications optimizes your accounts, we guarantee the savings for the duration of your carrier contract. If, for whatever reason, you encounter a billing error on your monthly invoices post-optimization, iQ2 Communications takes full responsibility to work on your behalf with the carrier to ensure that the issue is resolved promptly. It’s as simple as emailing our team your incorrect monthly invoice outlining the issue and we’ll take it from there, keeping you informed all the way through.

We create a benchmark based on the carrier invoices you provide, we don’t take into consideration and billing anomalies or one-offs such as hardware upgrades or international travel. The savings determined by your current plan and monthly usage, once the benchmark is set we review our preferred rates to identify what you will be paying once the account(s) have been optimized.