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iQ2 Communications Solutions

iQ2 Communications offers its clients a variety of telecom solutions designed to identify efficiencies within your organization. Below you will find a list of iQ2 telecom solutions to help maximize your bottom line.

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Cost-Saving & Right-Sizing Solutions

Buying Ambien iQ2 Communications specializes in Cost-Saving and Right-Sizing solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses. We are currently saving our clients between 40% – 60% off their current telecom bills and boast a 90% retention rate. The best part is, you don’t even have to change your current provider.

Complimentary Telecom Audits

iQ2 Communications offers all new clients a no obligation, complimentary telecommunications audit. This gives us a better understanding of your current telecom landscape i.e. subscribed services, plans, features, usage patterns, trends, and associated cost. Once we have completed the audit on your telecom services, we will present our findings and recommendations.

Office Relocation & New Office Set-up Looking for a new office, more square feet or downsizing and don’t know who or where to call to transfer or set-up your new services? iQ2 Communications can help you with all your telecom needs alleviating you from the headache and time of dealing with the carriers yourself. We not only secure the best possible rates for you, but our mission is to make this experience as seamless as possible to avoid any┬ápotential down time.

Request for Proposals/Quotes (RFP) (RFQ)/ Hardware Procurement

Is your wireless contract ending? Are you unhappy with your current provider? Are you interested to see what other offers are out there or are your resources limited? iQ2 Communications has facilitated and implemented RFP’s for some of Toronto’s largest and most prestigious law firms. We pride ourselves on our approach to understanding our clients needs, our ability to negotiate strategically on our clients behalf, securing the right plans, features and rates based on our clients needs. We also handle the facilitation and implementation of your new devices, taking the headache and strain away from your team.

Smartphone Consultation/ Training

Whether you are a(n) Blackberry, iPhone or Android user, allow iQ2 to help you get the most out of your smartphone. With the evolving smartphone industry, devices are becoming that much more complex. Let our team of trained experts help you familiarize yourself with the nuances of your smartphone device, interface and get you up to speed. We can help you with tips and tricks and efficient ways to navigate your smartphone. Learn control data usage whether you are using the phone locally or travelling to the US or internationally.
Have you thought about, or recently switched from, a Blackberry to an iPhone or iPhone to an Android and finding it difficult to make the transition? Let us help you make the transition less stressful.

Wireline and VoIP Infrastructure Design

If your company is exploring the option of making the switch from dedicated analog lines to a VoIP solution, let iQ2 Communications be there to help you out. We take a very simplistic approach to understanding and identifying your needs as a growing business. Not only will we help you develop a better understanding of the benefits of a VoIP solution, we will ensure that you select the best possible vendor to match your needs at the most aggressive rates for both hardware and software.

Managed Support Service

  • Have a growing user base?
  • Soaring roaming rates?
  • Trouble tracking usage patterns?
  • Confusing billing process?
  • Carrier mischarges going unaddressed?
  • Special projects consuming a lot of time?

Our Managed Support Service can assist your team with a comprehensive approach to mobile device management. Our telecom experts use innovative software tools to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your telecom infrastructure, service contracts, features, and individual usage patterns to develop ongoing strategic telecom solutions that are tailored to cut costs and save time.

Can I Buy Zolpidem Online Features:

  • Remote Account Management – Eliminates the overhead cost of maintaining an in-house department
  • One point of contact for all of your team’s telecom needs
  • Manages carrier and vendor relationships
  • Ensures 100% contract compliance on invoices
  • Correct billing errors
  • Add or remove subscribers in the most cost effective way
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Add or remove features as required
  • Right size your services and leverage our industry relationships to get the best rates
  • Comprehensive Travel Cost Management Recommend and implement reduced travel solutions and roaming packs based on individual usage patterns and history
  • Remote technical support as required

Employing and training full-time staff to address your business telecom needs is a costly proposition. Benefit from our team of experts who provide big-firm services at prices you can afford.
Subscribe today to ensure your team has the support when needed and ensure your management team has the information needed to make informed business decisions.