Top Mobile Design Trends For 2015

Alexandratrends in mobile design

Where are smartphones headed to in 2015? Smartphone manufacturers have been talking about flexible screens and the wonder material, graphene, for a while, but is this technology ready to be launched in 2015? Let’s have a look at the top trends for mobile design in 2015.

Will Phablets Go Mainstream?

People want phones to be bigger and bigger to enhance their browsing experience, to watch videos and to play their favourite games. Smartphones are growing and the benchmark is now at least 5 inches. Despite all of the ridicule and doubtful head shaking when the first phablets came on the market a few years ago, the hybrids between a smartphone and a tablet are on fire. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Apple 6 plus, phablets are finally expected to go mainstream.

Will 2015 Finally Be The Year Of The Bendable Smartphones?

Smartphone manufacturers have been talking about flexible and bendable smartphones for a while, but the closest things we have gotten so far are slightly curved phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge or LG G Flex. But, 2015 might be the year of the breakthrough as Samsung has promised to launch a flexible phone by the end of 2015. They plan on introducing a flexible AMOLED display for smartphones that can be folded in half.

Will Self-Healing Material Become The New Standard?

Self-healing materials have the potential to increase the durability of our smartphones tremendously. LG was the first one to introduce a self-healing rear panel. The back of the LG G Flex is coated with a self-healing finish which is designed to get rid of fine scratches you would get from keys rubbing against your phone in your pocket. A molecular substructure that rests on top of the panel’s plastic coating pushes back against the scratch, pushing it back out. The technology won’t prevent major damages to your phone, but it will prevent it form everyday roughness.

Is Graphene Set To Revolutionize The Industry?

Researchers have claimed that the wonder material graphene is set to revolutionize the industry by replacing current touchscreen technology. Graphene is the thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, and it is much cheaper than most materials used in smartphones too. The material is 1 million times thinner than a sheet of paper and it can make smartphones much sleeker then they are today. Both Samsung and Apple have several patents pending that involve graphene. It is however difficult to manufacture the material on a large scale, making it a big question weather we will see grapheme in smartphones already in 2015.