Will the Apple Watch Make Wearables go Mainstream in 2015?

AlexandraApple Watch

Apple will finally launch its long-rumored wearable device, the Apple Watch, in 2015. People are very curious what bearing it might have on the market for the wearables. Will the Apple Watch be the catalyst to make smart watches and other wearables go mainstream? Will sales far exceed what we have seen so far in the wearable category?

Creating Beautiful Objects

Creating beautiful objects that are as simple and pure as they are functional has always been Apple’s goal. They designed the Apple Watch as a whole range of products utilizing¬†unique designs and unparalleled personalization both in appearance and capability. The stylish Apple Watch will come in 3 models: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and a pricier golden Apple Watch Edition. The Watch features a polished case made from stainless steel, the Sport collection has a cover glass and anodized aluminium case that is 60% stronger and yet incredibly light and endurable, and the Apple Watch edition is made from 18 karat gold, that is twice as hard as standard gold.

Each of these collections come in 2 sizes. Customers can customize the design of their Apple Watch and get the opportunity to choose from a selection of straps in different colours and materials ranging from leather, plastic to metal links. Users can further personalize the appearance and capability of the watch by choosing their preferred watch face.

Making Powerful Technology More Accessible

Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology; it finally brings wearable technology to a personal level. The Watch contains a feature called Glances that give users real-time views of information they check most often, like the weather, stock quotes, upcoming calendar events and much more, just on their wrist. Navigation is fluid and vital for Apple. Users can easily go trough information by sweeping on the touchscreen and the innovative Digital Crown is specially designed to magnify content on a small display. It zooms into apps and serves as the home button, which has received both praise and bewildered shrugs by Apple fans.

The retina touch display also adds a new dimension to the users interface; besides a gentle tap, the touchscreen also recognizes a gentle push. The back of the Watch has four sapphire lenses, which can detect your pulse rate and adds a physical dimension to alerts and notifications. Apple Watch further gives you a clearer picture of your everyday physical activity and can suggest personalized daily fitness goals. The innovative Apple Pay functionality will also work on the Watch. This allows users to buy coffee or groceries just from their wrist.